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Handy software to cut and edit existing video files

Soft4Boost Split Movie is a very useful tool in the event that the user wishes to modify an existing video file. It is specifically designed to cut and splice different scenes together without being forced to modify or re-encode the file in question. So, a great deal of time can be saved when compared to having to delve into the more technical aspects of video editing. A total file size of only 71.8 megabytes is also extremely lightweight.

Main Functions and Usability

As mentioned previously, Soft4Boost Split Movie is very easy to work with. Another notable advantage is that it supports all of the major file formats. A handful here include AVI, MPG, MPEG, FLV, MOV and MKV. We should also point out that it is now capable of cutting and editing 4K HD videos. Specific instances can be deleted, sequences may be changed and it is even possible to add transitions between each timestamp.

Other Features

Soft4Boost Split Movie will trim all video files while maintaining their original quality, even when referring to ultra HD feeds. It can also be a very useful presentation tool, as users have the option to create menus. No less than nine different languages are supported.


  • A useful alternative to more complicated editing platforms.
  • It is also possible to add basic effects into an existing video.


  • Three gigabytes of RAM or more are required to support this editor
  • There is currently no possibility to access a free trial package


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Soft4Boost Split Movie


Soft4Boost Split Movie for PC


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